HAUNTED CHILD 2014 FULL HD Free Download

HAUNTED CHILD 2014 FULL HD Free Download

Haunted child Tanya comes from small town to big city to become a model, she comes in contact with Deepak, a faishan photographer, Tanya fall in love with him and she gates pregnant, Deepakj house owner Mannisha, became interested to adopt Tanya’s child. There for she took tanya to a lonely place where tanya can easily give birth to her child without bearing any hassle. Tanya delivers baby girl. But the soul of baby girl remains there in the house, Twelve years later, Deepak become rich. he marries another girl Pooja and returns to his country with his wife. He purchases the same house where soul baby girl staggering. Her souls want to live her Human life back, Then what happen. see the mind blowing fact and a social message focuses on a girl victim of infanticide.

Released on August 23 2013
Director: Salim Raza
Producer: Piyush Chauhan

haunted child Music Director: Syed Ahmed
Cast: Pankaj Berry, Mushtaq Khan, Varun Kumar, Shakti Kapoor, Hina Rajput


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